Rael Cycle House NY

Motion Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop mockup
TH Experiential partnered with Rael Beauty to produce an impactful influencer event, Rael Cycle House NY. TH Experiential handled everything from concept development and design to venue sourcing and seamless production.

The event was meticulously planned to offer attendees a unique and immersive experience that celebrated the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Attendees were offered tailored workout classes for each phase of the menstrual cycle, accompanied by engaging activities like IV drips, Facials, Custom Catering, Glow Mirror Photo Ops and Confidence Panel Chats.”

I created motion graphic design for the Rael’s 360 Holistic Cycle educational video, Cycle Synced Workouts schedule video, and graphic design for each workout session presentation slides to show at venue’s display monitor.

Kiss imPress

Video editing, Motion design, Photoshop mockup, 
TH Experiential partnered with KISS to design and produce a media event for press and influencers inclusive of a 360 video projection journey, virtually taking attendees through the four brand innovation product launches, animating the storytelling, and innovation claims.

Guests also created content around each of the launches in immersive physical environments including key campaign messaging and product benefits. Attendees could experience the product live with onsite nail and lash applications driving UGC and supporting education and sampling.”

In this project, I participated in brainstorming and storyboarding visual content for Kiss’ new products promotional video series for a 360 video projection experience to show in venue. 

Beast Drop

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design
Beast Drop is a one-of-a-kind entertainment property. Launching as an immersive live event at the GvR Festival, Spring, 2024 at Spring Studios (host and co-producer of NY Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival, etc.), it is a story driven, globally streamed experience with a twist so shocking it spawns a world-wide frenzy and a global franchise of film, television and games.

This is a new mobile game proposal to GvR Festival. I worked with TH Experiential creative team helped client to create a visual brand identity for the game Beast Drop. I was in charge of designing the logo and bringing it to live by animating it.


Motion Graphic Design

RTRO is the first algorithm-free channel surfing exploration of brand and creator content, where you stay connected with friends and family without brand ads in your feeds.

Working with TH Experiential Creative Team, I was in charged of animating the waving hand icon. I created various versions of the movement.  

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