King Library’s 20th Anniversary 

Visual Development, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Project Coordination, Social Media

In 2023, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (King Library) celebrates 20 years of partnership between San Jose State University and the City of San Jose’s public library system together.  

In this project, I had the chance to brainstorm and discuss ideas and take lead on proposing visual concept to enhance the brand identity of the King Library’s 20th anniversary logo. I contributed in making graphic design for physical installation/ items such as pop-up photo backdrop, plaque, posters, wall decals, and T-shirts; also created overall digital marketing assets for email banners, display monitors, website banners, ... I also turned the static versions of the wall decals into motion graphic videos, as well as animated gifs of the logo for social media contents.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library's 20th Annviersary Shoutout Video  

Visual Development & Motion Graphic Design

Social Media & Digital Assets

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GIF Animations for E-signature and social media stickers

Library News –  20th Anniversary Special Edition

AI Holiday Card

Graphic Design, Motion Design, Social Media
The Starry Night at University Library

Led by Dean Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mike Meth, the SJSU King Library team utilized Artificial Intelligence to create the 2023 Holiday card, symbolizing the forward-looking nature of the library. Technology Labs Coordinator Jon Oakes guided the project, advising on AI image generation models. The team chose Style GAN to generate artwork in Van Gogh's style, ensuring alignment with ethical considerations as his works were in the public domain.

Pulling inspiration from the AI generated image, the Library Marketing Team (LMT) came together to design a holiday card and a digital copy with motion and animations. Using Adobe Illustrator, LMT decided to extend the image to the back cover with the continuous swirl, giving it the illusion of motion while also staying true to the original image.

Static version of the Holiday Card artwork. Composited by Raymond Lam using Photoshop.
Animated version of the Holiday Card artwork. Animated by me using After Effects.
Final version with Dean’s message. Blur and text added.
Digital mockup of the physical holiday card. 

Other Projects

I make customized gifs for the Library’s social media, and e-signatures; as well as video/ motion graphic content.

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