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Pick Up Pieces

Video Projection Mapping on 3D Installation, Motion graphic design
“Pick up Pieces” is a video projection mapping on 3D installation on wall and paper. The creation of a lyric video for "Waste It on Me" by Steve Aoki ft. BTS sparked the inspiration to me to approach this project from a fresh perspective.

I aimed to depict something seemingly broken yet harmonizing. I envisioned the video as fragmented pixels, longing for depth beyond the 2D screen. To achieve this, I suspended white paper sheets at varying distances from each other and the wall, symbolizing the video's pieces. I meticulously scaled and mapped video clips onto these papers to capture diverse perspectives of the content.

"Waste it on Me" – lyric video footage for "Pick Up Pieces"

To pick up the pieces: to try to make a situation better after something bad has happened.
In the song, there is this part of the lyrics which says:
“I don't know your secrets,
But I'll pick up the pieces,
Pull you close to me now.”

I title this project “Pick up Pieces” because it reflects the song's meaning, which is about a story of 2 lovers with different views of love. One says “love is messed up” and doesn’t want to try, since the other one believe that one should never give it up. And if the other thinks love is a waste of time, then they should feel free and waste it on them.

Behind the Scenes 

Process/ WIP video 1
Process/ WIP video 2
Process/ WIP video 3

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