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Libraries Are For Everyone

Graphic Design, Photoshop

To me, inclusivity means welcoming and embracing the uniqueness of each individual, as well as giving everyone the same opportunities regardless of their differences in age, gender, race, or ethnicity. It also means that making diversity more meaningful is to treat everyone like friends, or make them feel like a family. 

I believe that a good design has to be effective, clear and simple enough for viewers to understand the meaning behind its visual message, therefore I keep my design abstract but still understandable without the need of referencing actual humans with gender or race.  Here in my design, I use a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to represent different characters. Every character regardless of the differences has the opportunity to share the book and enjoy the moment together. That joyful moment will not only spark the positive energy in each individual but also strengthen and encourage the community that they are in.

With the universal understanding in visual language, viewers are able to interpret my design openly. Each character can be interpreted as a person, so while viewers look at my design, they can relate, feel empathized, and can imagine themselves being one of the characters that they feel resonate with.

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