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From Classroom to Art Festival

Interactive Projection, Project Management, Marketing and Communication, Visual Design, Project Producer
InterKinect, an immersive interactive projection exhibition created by seven Digital Media Art and Design students from the CADRE (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) Student Organization, has evolved from a small club experimental collaboration in a classroom to a showcase in an art gallery at SJSU, then to a larger scale at SubZERO Festival in downtown San Jose, in front of more than a thousand audience members.

Using Kinect sensors to track body movements in real-time, InterKinect invites visitors to become active participants in the artistry, with their gestures and motions translated into dynamic visual displays projected onto surrounding surfaces. This collaborative project celebrates human interaction and showcases the exciting fusion of art and technology.

More info featured on Instagram posted by SJSU Art Gallery 1, 2 (Retro Version), and by SubZERO Festival.

How We Started from Gallery 5

Admitted Spartan Day - Exhibition 

SubZERO Festival, Downtown San Jose

Behind the Scene 

Credits & Special Thanks: 

Project Manager:
Van Nguyen

Digital Media Artists:
Han Ly 
John Santos 
Vanessa Rivera 
Ryan Wojciechowski 
Minh Le 
Raymond Lam

Special Thanks:
Cherri Lakey (SubZERO Festival’s moderator)
James Morgan (DMA professor & project coordinator)
Steve Durie (DMA professor & CADRE SO club advisor)

Let’s Get Groovy! 

CADRE SO is back for Fall 2023, and starting off the semester by bringing back InterKinect, but in a more groovy way! With the groovy retro theme, visitors are invited to come and dance, explore, and enjoy the multiple different art projects at a time.

More info on Instagram posted by CADRE SO.

Jo Farb Hernandez Gallery

Interactive Groovy Wall

Gallery Setup

CADRE SO in Groovy Retro

Project Management, Brand identity, Graphic Design, Interactive Projection, Social Media Marketing
Inspired by the InterKinect project, I directed the CADRE SO’s design and marketing team to create a consistent Groovy Retro theme for the Fall 2023. 

Social Media & Outreach

Branding & Graphic Design

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