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Abstract City

Video Projection Mapping on 3D Installation, Motion graphic design
A contemporary principles of 3D video mapping using motion graphics and installation. I designed, built, and created a large-scale work from concept to production to show in front of hundreds of audience at Fresno University, SummerArts program in 2022.

The Concept

Abstract City is a playful, lively, funky place where shapes and colors live in harmony; it is also my first video projection mapping project on a large-scale 3D installation that I’ve exhibited.

The projected visual design elements are animated shapes creating abstract composition within the actual installation. The audience will have the best experience watching this projection mapping show while emerging themselves in the 3D exhibition space in person, watching and listening to it live.

Work in Process

More than 35 small and about 10 large cardboard boxes were taped and put together to create the structure of the city. I drew outlines, cut and reassembled the cardboards to create round-edged shapes like circles, semicircles, 1/4 cylinder to add more variation to the city.

In the workshop, I learned how to use MadMapper (a video projection mapping software). Not only is “Abstract City” a projection mapping project, there is also a motion graphic design project of itself, in which I created an animated video using After Effect in sync with 3 different audio soundtracks to bring all the elements to life, as if they are dancing to the music.

Final Installation Layout

Documentation Video

Le Conte des Quatres Villes (Tale of Four Cities)" showcases captivating video projection mapping and LED-lit cardboard sculptures by emerging student artists. Created by the class of VPM3D v3.0, this project explores modern 3D video mapping techniques.

We designed, built, and created a large-scale work in collaboration with international visiting artist Yannick Jacquet, a pioneer of video projection mapping.

Credits & Special Thanks

Abstract City - A project by Van Nguyen.

Guest Artist: Yannick Jacquet
Professor: Gary Craig Hobbs
Teacher Assistants: Tyler Stannard
Installation/ Tech Support: John Joseph Santos & Marc Cordonero

Music: “Come To My Summer Dreams” - Alex Makemusic
Video Editing: Van Nguyen

CSU Summer Arts 2022 VPM3D V3.0 Student Showcase "Le Conte des Quatres Villes"

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